I’m certain that you have seen those people that are designated as “Influencer” on LinkedIn. Hopefully, you are following several of them and reading their posts.

Has it occurred to you that your clients might want to think of YOU in the same way? Perhaps they are hoping for you to be more like those influencers. Perhaps they are looking for you to share your expertise so that they might benefit in some way.

Why not give your customers what they want? What’s holding you back from being seen as THE expert in your field? Are you, by default, letting a competitor wear that distinction in front of your customers?

The marvelous LinkedIn platform provides no shortage of opportunities to “step up” as a thought leader or industry expert. Here are some easy to implement ideas.

Posting on the main News Feed (right along with the existing Influencers) is an excellent strategy for being seen regularly by your network and their contacts. You can use the option of extending your posts to Twitter as well. (I do this nearly each and every morning.)

Keep in mind that posting can include liking or commenting on other people’s posts because those actions also get you appearing in a separate News Feed entry. You don’t have to create new content each and every time! Piggy-back on others’ posts and get seen!

Group discussions can extend your influence well beyond the number of your direct connections. For example, there is a professionals’ group in south Florida that exceeds 35,000 members. That would be an outstanding place to reach a local area market where the membership represents many different professions. Other LinkedIn groups exceed 500,000 or even 900,000 members. Imagine yourself in conversation with audiences of that size!

In February of this year LinkedIn started rolling out a valuable publishing tool to all members. Suddenly everyone can now create a 200-400 word commentary that becomes a permanent part of their profile as well as a fresh post on the News Feed. Essentially, all LinkedIn members can now describe themselves as “authors” by utilizing this terrific expression vehicle. Formerly, this feature was reserved for Influencers only.

Begin using these strategies on a consistent basis and a difference will be apparent within your network. You will gradually start to establish a wider perception that you are knowledgeable, committed and a regular provider of information of value.

Pose a question, post a quote or share a motivating statement with your connections. The small investment of your time to accomplish this can lead to a loyal following that will stay with you for a lifetime.

By Gary Kissel | LinkedIn Strategist | Speaker | Author