Get 2017 off and rolling with my new 50 question quiz to measure your LinkedIn IQ!

Below are the first 12 questions to get started.  For the rest of the quiz just connect with me and I will send you the rest.  I will also correct your quiz answers when you send them back to me.

Here are the first 12.  They are about having an Optimized Profile.  Good Luck!!

1)  The Summary Section should be mainly used to

a.  tell your story

b.  presale a client

c.  list your accomplishments

d.  showcase your expertise

2)  The Headline holds up to ______ spaces?

a.  60

b.  90

c.  120

d.  150

3)  The purpose of the Headline is to

a.  prominently display your title within the organization.

b.  create interest in your services.

c.  inform viewers that you are a decision-maker.

4)  Which of the following media types are not allowed for uploading?

a.  Power Point presentations

b.  photos

c.  YouTube videos

d.  logos

e.  eBooks

f.  images

g.  promotional flyers

5)  True/False.  The Summary should always be followed by the  Experience section.

6)  True/False.  Sections cannot be dragged and dropped within the  profile.

7)  True/False.  The Summary section holds up to 2,500 spaces.

8)  True/False.  Recommendations hold words that are searchable.

9)  True/False.  Your picture is the most important “real estate” on your profile.

10)  True/False.  Skill endorsements are random and, therefore, are not useful to accumulate.

11)  True/False   LinkedIn allows up to 5 website listings in your contact info.

12)  These sections allow for posting images and videos:

a.  Summary, Certifications & Education

b.  Summary, Awards & Certifications

c.  Summary, Education & Experience

d.  Summary, Experience & Publications

How did you do?  Connect and message me for the rest of the IQ quiz.  There are sections on Posting, Connections & Messaging & Groups and Company Pages.

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By Gary Kissel | LinkedIn Strategist | Speaker | Author