Some say that LinkedIn created a business tsunami when it began some 14 years ago.  I say a larger LinkedIn tsunami is yet to come.

There is no doubt that LinkedIn has revolutionized how business is done around the globe. Because of LinkedIn, it is now possible to message with executives and professionals around the world directly.  LinkedIn’s InMail (available with their Premium subscription services) makes it possible to bypass the traditional gate keepers.

LinkedIn groups offer forums to discuss topics of interest with like-minded individuals.  Some LinkedIn groups number over one million members so this feature alone has given business networking a whole new dimension.

You had your client at “hello”!  It is said that because of the information that is accessible via the Internet a potential client is 60-65% convinced of the services they desire before they make contact with a provider.  LinkedIn refers to this as the “Social Selling” era.


[Check out LinkedIn’s Social Selling eBook:]LinkedIn has grown to over 400 million user during its’ 14 years and is currently growing with one million new members every 6 days!  There is sufficient evidence to conclude that LinkedIn has indeed rolled in a major wave change into the business environment today. 

As impressive as all of this is it is not the current tsunami that I want to address here.  Imagine that the above described tsunami is the equivalent of a 5 story wave.   Such a 50′ wave would definitely rearrange the landscape in a ferocious manner and rank with some of the most significant tsunamis ever recorded.

Now imagine a wave 8 times larger–the equivalent of a 40 story building–hitting the shore.  This metaphor describes the future LinkedIn tsunami — the big T– that is generating momentum at this very moment.  LinkedIn has repeatedly stated that its long term goal is to reach and impact some 3+ billion people with increased economic opportunity.

LinkedIn is currently only one-eighth of their intended size!

This goal will be reached within the next couple of decades.  The question is how will you prepare yourself and your business to take full advantage of this enormous change?  Will you be a bystander or a beneficiary of it?

By Gary Kissel | LinkedIn Strategist | Speaker | Author