Does Twitter & its tweets seem like a waste of time to you?  Well they did to me as well for a long time.  But the past year on Twitter has enlightened me in several important ways.  I will share with you now a few strategies that I’ve learned and that have been useful to me.

First, most of you know that it is possible to share a LinkedIn News Feed Update on Twitter instantly just by selecting it as the third option prior to hitting the “Share” button.  But what is the point if you don’t have a Twitter strategy in mind?  Posting randomly on Twitter will only produce random results.


Consider that Twitter is currently the 4th most engaged social platform out there.  It follows FaceBook, What’s App and Instagram for “monthly active users” according to  (LinkedIn is 6th in active usage and is followed closely by Snapchat.)

Twitter’s age demographic is younger than LinkedIn’s.  Nearly two-thirds of Twitter users are between the ages of 18-49.   Twitter and LinkedIn are similar in that approximately three-fourths of their accounts are outside of the U.S. (Hubspot stats)

There are over 500 million tweets per day.  Of these tweets over 85% are sent by less than 15% of Twitter’s members.  This smells like opportunity to me!

Secondly, unlike LinkedIn, anyone can follow anyone on Twitter!  So when I find someone that I want to connect with on LinkedIn but am unable to find their email address or other acceptable means to send them an “Invite” I will go to their Twitter page and send them a Direct Tweet.  In this personal tweet I will identify the reasons that I want to follow them on LinkedIn  and then I provide my LinkedIn email so that they can easily invite me to connect.



This method has helped me dramatically expand my number of connections on LinkedIn.  It also has eliminated one of the frustrations I’ve had with LinkedIn users who fail to provide a viable means of making a connection in their profile.

Thirdly, Twitter offers another platform of personal credibility.  What’s better than having credibility and authority on the LinkedIn platform?  How about having it on Twitter too!

This can be achieved in a couple of ways but my favorite is in using hash tags.  In the past year I have tweeted (via my virtual assistant) enough times using #linkedinstrategist to dominate that tag.  It is totally legit for me to now be known as Twitter’s #1 LinkedIn strategist!  This earned distinction can be leveraged to promote my products or to attract more opportunities.

YOU can do so in your particular field as well.  Applying these very simple strategies on Twitter can significantly increase your client audience and income stream.  There are other strategies to use, of course, but in the spirit of keeping it simple–these work!

By Gary Kissel | LinkedIn Strategist | Speaker | Author